Steel Plates

Steel Plates

Steel Plate, or structural steel is simply steel sheet material that can be customarily cut and welded to develop a more elaborate product. It is made by compressing multiple steel layers together into one; forming a plate of steel. Steel Plate is commonly used to strengthen foundations and uphold mass units of weight like bridges. Alternatively, it provides a base for construction of larger materials and non-workable parts.

PLATE ASTM A36 6 MM – 30 MM X 5’
– 6’ X 8’ – 40’

ASTM A36 is the most commonly used in the low-temperature applications which are available in the industries. The steel is a type of mild and hot-rolled steel. This is having various welding properties. It is suitable for grinding, drilling and machine processes. They are also available in the wide ranges of the cold and rolled applications and industries which are there.

This is the way through which industries use the alloy for the smooth functioning of the applications which is available in the industries. The alloy is available in various forms such as rectangular, circular, angles, square, and various other forms.


Checkered/tread plates are used for resistance in corrosive environments, ex parking lot floor, elevator decorative sheet and floor. They also respond to requirements of health, hygiene and aesthetics while embossed sheets are usually used for interior design purpose. We offer carious thickness of checkered plate and versatile range of patterns and textures for embossed sheets.

Strong, striking wall protection that goes on easy and keeps walls looking like new. The aluminum checkered plate is lightweight, easy to install and excellent at resisting moisture.

EQUAL ANGLE L50 X 50 X 5 X 6 M

Energi Adidaya Nusantara, PT  proudly carries Steel Equal Angles, a popular hot rolled steel, low carbon shape for its range of uses, applications, and overall versatility. Because it is easy to cut, form, machine, and weld, and offers superior strength and rigidity thanks to its 90 degree angle. 

Steel equal angles feature equal length legs. Whether your project involves repair, fabrication, or manufacturing for a variety of implements, the steel equal angle may very well be the best fit. And, the strength of equal steel angles makes them well suited for adding rigidity to your project in a cost effective way.

H-BEAM 250X250X9X14

Beams come in many different shapes and sizes. The most common types resemble a Capital I or a Capital H. They are generally used in construction, civil engineering, heavy machinery, truck construction and other heavy-duty tasks. Beam is mostly used to support heavy structures. This is due to its capability to withstand heavy loads, primarily by resisting against bending. It is most measured by its height, flange width, flange thickness and web thickness.


Galvanized steel is among the most popular steel types because of its extended durability, having the strength and formability of steel plus the corrosion protection of the zinc-iron coating. The zinc protects the base metal by acting as a barrier to corrosive elements, and the sacrificial nature of the coating results in a long-lasting and high-quality steel product. 

This versatility makes it applicable to a variety of projects and industries, including agriculture, solar, automotive, construction, and so on. Below, we aim to provide a comprehensive description of how galvanized steel is processed, different galvanization methods, its benefits, and how it is used in these various industries.

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