Mineral Mining

Mineral Mining Industry – Overview

Mineral Mining Industry – All You Need To Know The mineral mining industry is responsible for locating and extracting metal and mineral reserves all over the world. Metals and minerals are mined for profit around the world and then used in jewelry, industrial applications, and investments. The industry has a big number of worldwide enterprises and […]

Non-metallic minerals

Non-Metallic Minerals – Definition, History, Difference, Importance, Types, Tools

Non-Metallic Minerals – Overview Above other geological building materials, non-metallic minerals materials are the product that is collected in the biggest volume from the Earth’s bosom today. They are the second most important type of mineral wealth after energy raw resources. The bulk of non-metallic mineral raw resources have huge reserves, and some (for example, […]

Strike of covid-19 impact on Oil and gas industry

Strike of Covid-19 on Oil and Gas Industry

The supply increases as demand diminishes and Oil & Gas needs to reorganize business. In the span of the COVID-19 crisis, it is safe to accept and continue to witness a dramatic shift in life and management. The resulting anxiety, both human and economic, has also prevented traditional business models from switching quickly. Although the […]


Growth of Tech Industry in Indonesia

In recent decades technological innovation has been a major driver of global growth, as the economic opportunity is interconnected with digital and technological capabilities more and more. Despite the world’s opportunity, technological value is largely concentrated in two major regions – the eastern coast of China and the west coast of the United States. At […]

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