Oil Drilling Chemicals

Oil Drilling Chemicals

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Drilling Starch

Drilling Starch supplied by Energi Adidaya Nusantara is an economical and very effective filtration control additive. It works well in all water including fresh water, highly saline water, hard water and can be used effectively in most mud systems. It reduces fluid Loss and increases viscosity.

Drilling Detergent

It is a  special aqueous blend of anionic and non ionic surfactant equally effective regardless of make up water, whether it is fresh or saturated salt water. It also has a Lubricating effect. It is designed to reduce the surface tension of the Water based Mud System.

It is used in any area where it is desirable to reduce the foaming tendencies of water base muds. It is compatible with fresh water mud, sea water mud and brine system mud. It is also effective in KCL and sea water muds.

Aluminum Stearate

 It is a surface active agent used for defoaming water based fluids and completion fluids. It is used specifically as a defoamer in any type of water based drilling fluids. It gives excellent properties of transparency, stringiness and water repellency. It acts as a high temperature resistant when added in lubricants.

Drilling Mud Defoamer

The Drilling Mud Defoamer supplied by Energi Adidaya Nusantara are sold in over 30 Countries worldwide. It is a versatile oilfield defoamer capable of effectively removing entrapped air from all types of mud system. It is effective at different PH of water base muds and high temperature areas.

Thinners /Dispersants

One of the Leading Producers in the world for Lignite  and Lignosulfonate based Thinners for Oilfield applications. In addition we also Manufacture Tannin Based and Polymer Based Oilfiled Mud Thinners and Dispersants the range of Our Products.

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